Asset Protection

The CryptoVillages smart contracts will incorporate several security features, designed to both promote the longevity of the game, as well as protect the CVT token from whale-activity. While some of these will not be public knowledge (to protect the integrity of the game), we can share with you the following:


The CryptoVillages team are passionate about providing a play-to-earn gaming experience free of whales/coin-hoarders. As such, all CVT token transactions will be scanned and those that are suspicious will be flagged by our system for manual review. If our staff determine that the transaction is likely whale activity, the wallet containing the tokens will be blacklisted and unable to interact with our system. This security feature is designed to only detect potential whale activity and the vast majority of transactions will not be affected.
No legitimate players or transactions will be banned. In the very unlikely event that an incorrect blacklisting occurs, there will be an in-game appeal function, complete with live chat to have any accounts reinstated in a timely manner.


CryptoVillages has mechanisms both in-game and externally, designed to protect the value of the CVT token. For obvious reasons, we cannot reveal what these are – but we wanted to mention this so that players were aware of its existence. Game longevity is of the utmost importance to us, and we will do everything we can protect the integrity of the coin price.
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