Game Modes


Ranked is the game mode that count towards prizes, which include dubs, resources and BUSD. Additional details will be available closer to the launch of Cryptopian Warzone.
The Commander and Weapon NFTs are usable in Defend Cryptopia!, as well as Cryptopian Warzone.


Unranked mode is essentially the same as ranked, however prizes are not rewarded for winning nor do these battles count towards overall rank. However, there is no restriction on how many unranked games that a player can enter, and these battles also count towards achievements. Unranked mode is a training ground to prepare ones self for ranked PvP, through the honing of their skills, and to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics.


Free Play mode is a completely free version of the game that requires no NFTs to participate in (MetaMask log-in is required). In this game mode, players are randomly assigned tier 1 troops, and are given a commander that can cast one basic spell. Free Play is designed to provide newcomers access to core features of PvP without any financial commitment (it is a demo version of the game). For this reason, no rewards are received by the winner, nor do battles count towards achievements.
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