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The Fallen

The Fallen are determined to bring forth the destruction of Cryptopia, at any cost. Over generations outcasts of society, they have worked together to acquire ever-increasing power. Hiding in the shadows no more, the Fallen have openly declared war on Cryptopia and can only be stopped by their Righteous counterparts.
Fallen Commanders | Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical (left to right)


The Council are an elite group of Fallen commanders, comprising the entirety of the mythical commanders collection. Their strength and spell set are unrivaled to any other Fallen, and they are easily identified by their larger horns, as well as the unique attire, which make up the standard council uniform.


The Council are the most powerful of all the Fallen, and are the self-proclaimed harbingers of doom who are destined to bring destruction upon the lands of Cryptopia. Unlike other members of their faction, the council predate even the formation of the Fallen themselves; and are said to be some of the first mages of the all of Cryptopia. Banished to Deepclaw Ridge many centuries ago, they believe themselves to be above all life and therefore have the right to bring pain, fear and misery to the world necessary to reach their goal.
​Destruction, Lightning and Fire are the schools of magic the Council have mastered to be used as the tools in the war against life itself. Their impressive knowledge of these spell classes, particularly fire, has drawn mages from across Cryptopia, corrupting them into joining the Fallen. Some are accepted into the order after passing secret-rituals while others are immediately recognised as having an abundance of magic energy, and are hand-picked for private training by the Council from which they directly join their ranks. Little more is known about the Councils inner workings. One thing is for certain though. Wherever excessive tragedy, misery and pain are to be found, then the Council were surely involved.
The Fallen are hellbent on the destruction of all of Cryptopia
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