The Righteous


The Brotherhood are an elite group of Righteous commanders, comprising the entirety of the mythical commanders collection. Their strength and spell set are unrivaled to any other Righteous, and they are easily identified by their royal robes they all wear as a show of unity.
Righteous Commanders | Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical (left to right)


An Ancient Order formed out of dire necessity in a time of war long past, The Brotherhood are a powerful faction independent of the other villages in the lands of Cryptopia. While they have the appearance of other Righteous Cryptopian mages, they are taller, stronger and faster than ordinary men and are trained in all aspects of warfare that no other receives. Upon joining The Brotherhood, these true beacons of light shed all form of individuality, and are equipped with gold-plated Lion breastplate to unite them as one immovable force. While these Heroes are regarded above all others in martial prowess, they also have the ability to use unimaginable spells mastered over hundreds of years in the schools of Holy, Earth and Ice. The power of these spells has seen the leveling of entire armies who have threatened peace in Cryptopia.
These powerful Heroes call the Cryptopian Citadel home, a tremendous fortress with many towers, layers of walls and gates said to be impenetrable and protected by an immense holy power to keep out those of impure heart or intentions. The citadel is the heart of The Brotherhoods power where their battalions march from to cleanse the world of any evil that threatens Cryptopia. Ancient relics and antiquities claimed in countless battles line the walls of their inner keep, which serve as reminders of conflicts past. They are an elite force that should never be underestimated.
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