Makiodis, the terror of The Dustbowl, draws its power from the blistering sunlight and arid conditions that can bring the strongest of Cryptopian Knights to their knees. Driven by hunger, this arachnid is one of the most feared monsters in all of Cryptopia; with the oldest texts describing a monster so frenzied when needing to feed that it has destroyed entire armies in an instant. Makiodis combines its gargantuan pincers to inflict widespread destruction, with an extremely deadly acidic spit for precision strikes. Similarly, those lucky enough to land a piercing blow on Makiodis will almost meet their demise, as the spider's blood is also completely acidic and instantly dissolves anything it makes contact with. Whilst those who encounter this beast face an almost certain death, this towering monstrosity is primarily an opportunistic predator that remains burrowed deep underground until it detects vibrations strong enough to justify emerging for. You best hope that you aren't worth it.
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