The downfall of Yokatai, Harbinger of Mt. Cryptopia, is a tale so well-known throughout Cryptopia that even mentioning his name will send chills down the spine of any who hear it. Once a highly decorated Righteous commander, Yokatai possesses magical abilities greater than any other Cryptopian. This immeasurable power, however, would ultimately prove to be a curse, as it meant that military campaigns were effortless for him, and he began to yearn for the thrill of a challenge. Through sheer boredom, Yokatai decided to attempt what no other Righteous had accomplished, or had dared to try; to master the Fallen spell disciplines. This drew the ire of The Brotherhood, as it was foretold that combining good and evil magic would irreversibly engulf one's soul. Despite several warnings and threats of banishment, Yokatai, drunk with arrogance, pushed forth with his plan. Before he could be exiled however, Yokatai recruited his best one hundred mages, and ventured into the snowy tundra of Mt. Cryptopia.
There was no word from the expedition in the months that followed and it was assumed that the party had perished, until one winter's eve, an intense magical explosion shook the very core of all of Cryptopia. Through this, a twisted and diabolical bond was formed between Yokatai and his followers. Unbeknownst to the mages, the spell that Yokatai had cast would consume all of their minds and bodies, giving the Harbinger an army of which he had complete control over. Devoid of any semblance of humanity, Yokatai would indiscriminately strike down both Righteous and Fallen alike, should he cross paths with them. He is one of the biggest threats to Cryptopia, and many believe that nothing can stop Yokatai should he again decide to act on his boredom.
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