The integrity and fairness of CryptoVillages for all players is paramount to a successful metaverse, and as such there are rules all players must adhere to.


Players should adhere to the game rules as well as immediately report any bugs or errors. Users found not playing in the spirit of the game may result in a range of penalties, ranging from suspensions, to having their account terminated and forfeiting any right to reclaim any in-game items. Bannable offenses broadly are any intentional abuse of the CryptoVillages systems, but more specifically, includes exploiting any bugs/glitches. Exploits should be reported immediately and not used for a player's own advantage. It is very easy to distinguish between an accidental interaction with an in-game error versus intentionally taking advantage for personal gain. Any player found abusing exploits will be immediately banned.
Rest assured, only players who have maliciously or intentionally broken the rules, will receive bans. Those following the rules will NEVER be penalized.


Players should treat each other with respect/dignity, and contribute positively to the community when interacting in our Discord server. Whilst improper social behaviour will not constitute an in-game ban under most circumstances, removal from Discord will reduce the chance players will get information about world-boss spawns, sales, announcements, etc. The following are overarching rules that govern the CryptoVillages Discord server:
  • Respect fellow members and staff Verbal abuse, threats or similar will not be tolerated.
  • No discussion of controversial topics (i.e. politics/religion) These topics can be incredibly divisive and have nothing to with CryptoVillages. While the staff won't shut these down immediately, we reserve the right to do so at our sole discretion. Failure to adhere to these instructions will result in a ban.
  • No racism, sexism, or any form of discrimination Any form of racism/sexism/other antisocial comments will result in an immediate ban.
  • No NSFW content What may be appropriate for you, may not be for others. In the spirit of inclusivity, the server remains NSFW-content free at all times.
CryptoVillages Discord: Join us @
If you feel you have been banned in-error, please email [email protected] with your Discord tag, approximate time/date you were banned and any information you can provide that you feel will help your appeal. Please do not make another Discord and try to appeal in the server directly as this will result in a further ban.


FUD can be a controversial issue at times in the cryptocurrency world, with many servers banning any sign of FUD. The CryptoVillages team does not agree with this, and thinks that any healthy game should not ban people for simply asking questions about the future of a project, especially in the world of cryptocurrency where volatility is a weekly occurrence. However, we do require that any FUD-related conversation be delivered in a healthy and positive way. The team are always happy to answer any questions players may have and help put their minds at ease, but any misinformation spreading or toxic FUD will result in being banned.
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