The Team

Dr. Mitchell Wright (PhD)

Chief Executive Officer | Founding Member
Currently residing in Brisbane (Australia), Mitchell (Mitch) is the CEO of the CryptoVillages project - overseeing all aspects of the games development. Until recently, Mitch was a career microbiologist, having received his PhD in 2014 at Griffith University for his work on manganese-oxidizing bacteria. Broadly speaking, his research has been multifaceted in nature: ranging from whole genome analyses through to research expeditions in estuaries, rivers and oceans. Oh, and let's not forget that he used to worked with anthrax! His academic career is just as impressive and he has mentored many MSc and PhD students, as well as extensive experience in university lecturing. It is his analytical and management skills, combined with his affinity towards, and for videogames, that fueled his inspiration to quit science to focus on developing CryptoVillages full-time.

Nicholas Wirth

Chief Financial Officer | Founding Member
Also located in Brisbane, Nicholas (Nick) is one of the three executive officers of CryptoVillages, in charge of overseeing the financial management of the project. Having received his Bachelor of Engineering and completing his honours year, Nick dabbled in a traditional, 9 to 5 career. However, this system made him feel increasingly trapped over time, and one day he decided to leave it all behind for the world of crypto. After seeing the potential of cryptogames in 2021, Nick gave up the world of engineering in search of his next passion, when the idea for CryptoVillages was born. In addition to his extensive knowledge of crypto, Nick has been a passionate gamer for most of his life, and it was actually World of Warcraft (where he was well known as the best tank of his server - he wanted to make sure we mention that) where he and Mitch first met. Being the jack-of-all-trades that he is, now that CryptoVillages is self-sufficient, Nick divides his time between the project and other endeavours he is pursuing. But he is always around to assist when needed or to have a friendly chat!

Gabriel Bossio-Sotomayor

Chief Marketing Officer | Founding Member
Gabriel is originally from Peru, having met Mitch and Nick from previous projects. Shortly after launching the CryptoVillages project Gabriel expressed his desire to help build a project where transparency and integrity are fundamental principles, and the rest is history! His keen analytical mind, and ability to speak fluent English and Spanish, put him in a unique position to bridge the language gap and help educate the Español community about CryptoVillages. After 6 months working on CryptoVillages abroad, it was clear that it would be much more effective for Gabriel to move to Australia and live with the team... which is exactly what he did! As such, Gabriel is currently living in Australia with Mitch and working on CryptoVillages full-time.

Marko Jäntti

3D Artist
Marko is a 3D artist located in Jyväskylä (Finland) who has several years experience in both the Unity space and in game asset design as a whole. While his primary role is with CryptoVillages, Marko also freelances with his side business where he delivers renderings of interior designs and other products to his clients. As if he didn't already have enough on his plate, Marko also provides courses/tutorials on 3D modelling and other topics online to help educate others in the space.


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