ROI Estimates


Until the game has been fully designed and beta-testing has been completed, it is impossible to give specifics on any building ROI. However, what we can share are our overarching goals and philosophies, as well as provide our goals that we are aiming to design the economy around.
Our philosophy from the beginning of CryptoVillages has been to design a crypto game that has longevity. An ecosystem that deters those only looking for a "get rich quick" project and instead encourages those looking for long-term, sustainable income. The industry of late has been full of rug-pulls, broken economies and games designed to give you an ROI that is just unsustainable for more than a few weeks.
Our initial economy will be subject to a number of beta tests and be extensively analysed by our team during this phase of the project. Furthermore, we will invite members of the CryptoVillages community to provide their feedback, thoughts, and concerns on a regular basis. We want to emphasise that as this project progresses, our focus with respect to CryptoVillages overall is to design something that stands the tests of the crypto community.
Both the Team (15%) and Marketing (8%) tokens will be released at 0.5% per week. The CVGT team wallet is our sole source of income from CryptoVillages and we will not be taking any profits from any transactions within the game. Any tokens sold from the marketing wallet will be well-documented, and the details of how these were spent will be available to everyone (whenever possible).