What is CryptoVillages?

CryptoVillages is a play-to-earn metaverse set in the fantasy realm of Cryptopia. Whether you’re a small-time investor or plan on committing significant resources to the project, CryptoVillages is place where you can generate real-world income. Additionally, CryptoVillages is the first project with such ambitious upscaling potential. The development team understand that the world of Web3 is in its infancy and as such have designed CryptoVillages with longevity in-mind. Investors can be assured that fail-safes and contingency plans are in place to protect their assets, including anti-whale systems, and scalability measures. These can be seen under the Asset Protection tab.
RESPONSIBLE INVESTING While we are extremely confident that CryptoVillages will generate significant wealth for its player base, we are also passionate about responsible investing. When deciding how much to invest in CryptoVillages, please consider your financial situation, and budget accordingly. Nobody should ever invest what they cannot afford; regardless of how promising a project looks. Furthermore, the CryptoVillages team are not financial advisors, and cannot (and will not) give investment advice. All presale purchases are final, and cannot be refunded under any circumstances.


Thanks to the age of cryptocurrency, gaining real-world money while you play videogames has never been easier! CryptoVillages has a variety of ways in which players can earn, including:
Happy villagers are generous villagers – supply your loyal subjects with housing, resources and food, and be rewarded with $D.
Venture into the wilderness and collect resources that can be used to upgrade your buildings, as well as be sold on the The Marketplace.
Work together to defeat huge monsters that roam Cryptopia and gain rewards for each attack. Defeat the monster in the allocated time period to a receive temporary, server-wide "world buff".
Challenge friends, foes and family in the CryptoVillages PvP minigame. Best of all? Everybody is a winner!
Triumph over your fellow Cryptopians and earn additional prizes.
Sell food, resources, and buildings to other players; with the economy driven entirely by the player base.
Players can also receive prizes (both in-game currency and buildings) by participating in periodically offered, external competitions.
This whitepaper has been written to provide potential players information regarding the project, to help them decide on whether or not to invest in CryptoVillages. However, as the project evolves, and additional content is created, adjustments may be required to better balance/tweak the project as a whole. As such, readers should view this whitepaper as a tentative guide that is subject to change, and not as an ironclad description of the CryptoVillages project.