The Wilderness

Wilderness Raiding is a Player vs Environment (PvE) minigame that allows players to send the occupants of their buildings to different regions on the map in order to gather Basic Resources and Relics. For every standard and premium building that you own that also meets the below prerequisites, you may send its occupants to raid the wilderness. There are a variety of factors to consider when planning a raid, so we suggest using a solid strategy and good time management skills to reap the rewards!
Hunger Meter
The hunger meter of the selected building must be equal to or higher than the duration requirement of the raid
Required Tier
The tier of the selected building must be equal to or higher than the tier requirement of the raid
Once a building is selected for a raid, its occupants become unavailable to be fed or be used in Cryptopian Warzone or Defend Cryptopia! So strategize accordingly!
Sending villagers living in upgraded buildings on lower-tier wilderness raids does not provide any additional rewards, and expeditions should be planned to maximize efficiency. Plan early to increase those gains!