Wilderness Zones

Apart from trading with other players, Wilderness Raiding is the only way to obtain resources that are required to upgrade your buildings. Raids can only reward resources equal to, or less than, the tier level of the wilderness map (every successful raid is guaranteed to yield resources and experience). Furthermore, there is also a chance to acquire relics, with the probability of obtaining these increasing in higher tier maps.
Wilderness zones require different lengths of time to complete and offer increasingly rare rewards



Dispatch your villagers to Forage Valley to gather basic resources. Hey now, everyone must start somewhere - even your villagers!
Building Level Required: Tier 1 Duration: 2 hours


The snowy tundra of Mt. Cryptopia offers a variety of resources unavailable from Forage Valley. The next stage in your journey to greatness!
Building Level Required: Tier 2 Duration: 4 hours


This uninhabitable desert stretches for as far as the eye can see, and many have perished searching for the unique resources that sporadically litter its landscape. Only for experienced villagers.
Building Level Required: Tier 3 Duration: 6 hours


Many have entered, few have returned. Those who do survive speak of unthinkable horrors and vow never to return. But fortune favours the bold, and for the most experienced villagers, this should be a walk in the park.
Building Level Required: Tier 4 Duration: 8 hours
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