Premium Buildings

Premium buildings are owned by the luckiest of players. These elusive buildings are only available for purchase prior to launch, also granting dubs to players when providing upkeep to each building (but with an added bonus). The troops housed in these buildings receive additional perks when used to gather resources through Wilderness Raiding, when battling other players in Cryptopian Warzone and attacking world bosses in Defend Cryptopia.


Troop: Militia (N/A)
Venture to the outskirts of Cryptopia and you will find an outpost, where Militia are constantly preparing armaments to defend the lands from outside foes. They may not be the most talented of soldiers, but they are the realms first line of defense from intruding wilderness monsters that are looking to pray on unsuspecting villagers.
Troop: Knight (close)
The Barracks are where Knights earn their stripes! The path to becoming a knight is an arduous one, the reward? Why, the reward of devoting ones self to protecting their village for life, of course! Knights are the strongest melee troop available in CryptoVillages.
Camel Stables
Troop: Camel Rider (mounted)
In Cryptopia, Camel Riders are considered to hold one of the most lucrative roles, with mastery of the profession taking decades of dedication and sacrifice. Because of this dedication to their craft, fully trained Camel Riders offer advantages that horses simply do not. The ability to cross desolate terrains, less upkeep, and an increased resilience to enemy blows is just the beginning as to why these valiant creatures are such a paramount unit within an army.
Mage Academy
Troop: Mage (ranged)
You don't choose to be a Cryptopian Mage, you are chosen. The blessing of magical energy is not apparent at birth, but rather first appears in adolescence through the gradual change in eye colour to a deep crimson red. From that moment on, their fate is sealed and they are whisked away to the Mage Academy, to learn to channel their inner-power. Given that this occurs so infrequently in the population, Mages are only called to combat under the most dire of circumstances.


Premium buildings initially begin at Tier 1 but can be upgraded up to three times (culminating with Tier 4 as the highest of each type). Upgrading buildings provides the following bonuses:
  • Higher yields of doubloons during building upkeep (Village Screen)
  • Grants access to more difficult expeditions (Wilderness Raiding)
  • Increases troop strength when attacking world bosses (Defend Cryptopia!)
  • Provides stronger troops for PvP combat (Cryptopian Warzone)
Premium buildings can be upgraded three times, with each iteration providing greater bonuses
More information about the resources required for building upgrades can be found in the Upgrading section of this whitepaper.
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