Standard Buildings

Standard buildings form the backbone of any player's village; they allow the player to earn in-game currency called Doubloons ($D) through feeding their occupants. Additionally, the troops housed within these buildings can be used to gather resources through Wilderness Raiding, battle other opponents in Cryptopian Warzone or team up with the community to defeat epic world bosses in Defend Cryptopia!.
(Standard Buildings can be purchased both individually or discounted as a pack of 3 via the in-game shop)
In-game (via the in-game shop)
Post-launch; unlimited
Building Types
  • Encampment
  • Stables
  • Archery Range


Forming the phalanx of any army, the immovable Guardsman holds firm with their mighty polearms against any flanking force that consists of mainly cavalry. The only weakness to their intimidating polearm's range, is even more range, in the form of Archers or Mages.


A Cavalier's strength comes from their mighty steeds, being able to close gaps quickly to deliver a powerful impact rewards the Cavalier with battlefield supremacy against ranged units. However, a sturdy polearm in the hands of a Guardsman or a strike from a skilled Knight would quickly dispatch any belligerent riders.


Nothing compares to the advantages of ranged combat, being able to dispatch your foes from afar brings a multitude of benefits for the Archer. Defence is not much of a concern for these accurate marksmen unless the threat comes in the form of Cavaliers or Camel Riders.
More information will become available regarding standard buildings closer to release once the in-game economy has been thoroughly tested.