Supplying Buildings + Upgrading

Upgrading your buildings and supplying them with food and resources are core components of making real-world money from CryptoVillages. In the simplest terms, supplying your buildings with food and resources results in them paying their taxes (in the form of Doubloons, or $D). The amount of $D you receive varies and is dependent on the tier of the building and the building type. Buildings can be upgraded, which increases the amount of $D received. It however, increases the building's food requirements and will also require resources when supplying. Food will be available for a nominal price through an in-game vendor on release, with plans to expand the types of food and where/how it is acquired, in later patches. Resources are obtained through Wilderness Raiding.
It is important to remember that when you upgrade a building from tier 1 to tier 2, the amount of food required increases, as well as it henceforth requiring resources. Ensure that you have enough resources when planning ahead to avoid running short!