The Marketplace

The Marketplace allows users to buy and sell game items, allowing those who have excess supplies to earn additional income or those needing them to bridge the gap needed to progress further. Pricing will be entirely community-driven, where players set their own prices for any and all items they list on The Marketplace. The Marketplace will allow you to view Consumables and Buildings being sold by the CryptoVillages community, including all of your listed items.


This mechanics demonstration provides information on how to interact with the in-game marketplace


The in-game marketplace allows for the trading of most in-game items, such as food, rare items, resources and relics, and buildings. Transactions of this nature will utilize the internal game currency, dubs, which requires zero gas fees. Anti-bot mechanisms protect the integrity of the marketplace, and a cool down period between buying an item and reselling prevents players from being able to price gouge.
Buy and sell resources, buildings and other rare items on the CryptoVillages in-game marketplace


Purchases made using the in-game marketplace will incur a 5% transaction fee, which is distributed to stakeholder building owners. Specifically, half of each transaction fee will be distributed to buildings of the Gladiator Stakeholder Collection, and half distributed to buildings of the Genesis Stakeholder Collection.
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